Sticky-Trap Fly Glue

The Sticky Trap Glue has been specially developed for catching horseflies, hornets, stable flies, and other biting insects around people and livestock. The basic recipe originated in the US and is used around the world to catch aggressive biting insects. Sticky Trap Horsefly Trap Glue is made from natural minerals, light brown in colour, sticks for a long period (up to 20 weeks!), and will not attract pollinating insects such as bees and butterflies. Sticky Trap Horsefly Trap Glue’s unique recipe makes it water and heat resistant up to 70 degrees Celsius. It is also eco-friendly and completely safe to use.

The way a Horsefly Glue Trap works is simple: biting insects including horseflies hunt using their infrared vision to find warm-blooded prey. The female flies require blood to continue their reproductive cycle.  You may have noticed that black horses are bitten more frequently than lighter ones, this is due to the dark colour coat absorbing more light and becoming warmer, which is visible in the infrared vision of the fly.  A black plastic object warmed by sunlight, moving in the wind attracts the bloodthirsty female horsefly, by simulating her prey. The fly goes to bite her prey, but will land on the bucket and become stuck in the Sticky Trap Horse Fly Trap Glue. An affordable and simple solution to the biting insect problem in your local area.

  • Made to the highest quality 100% Economic made from natural ingredients, free from pesticides
  • Up to 30 horsefly traps can be made with 1,5 L of Sticky Trap
  • Up tp 10 traps can be made with 500ml of Sticky Trap
  • Buckets are easily cleaned with a spatula; can be used year after year.
  • Rain and heat resistant up 70 degrees
  • Safe for humans and animals insects that pollinates such as bees, butterflies and other important species will not be attracted to sticky trap

Buckets and brushes excluded

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