Spurwing 16% Supa Start Meal

R 395.00

Grain Included
(Class: Concentrated horse feed for weanlings)
(Klas: Gekonsentreerde perdvoedsel vir gespeende perde)

An excellent balanced ration for the weaned foal – suggested up to ±1 year old. Includes high quality protein for muscular development and Calcium and Phosphorous in the correct ratio for solid bone growth. Balanced to give every nutritional benefit for the weaned foal to achieve its genetic potential. Includes a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals and amino-rich proteins.

Mass/Massa 40kg
REG NO/NR V17081 ACT/WET 36/1947

Feeding Recommendations
Provide good quality roughages ad libitum. Feed 2 to 4 kg/day according to condition


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