Portable electric paddock in bag – Small

R 4,800.00

Going to a show? On an endurance ride? Staying over night at a friends place or experiencing the great outdoors but worried about your horse(s) escaping into the open plains of the showground or other venue? Then this handy little product will set your mind at ease!

Simple to set up and takes a lot less storage space than steel portable paddocks. Includes a 3 volt energizer with batteries, which connect to the tape. For those horses that just don’t take: “Don’t you dare break out of that!” as warning enough. Packs enough jolt to remind stubborn horses to stay within the fence without doing harm. Once done simply pack it all back into its convenient little carry bag. Makes a 3m x 3m paddock

Assembles and disassembles quickly and easily.

• weight: about 3 kg,

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