Hair Bun Shaper

We all know how stressful shows can be, and adding a bad hair day on top of it all, doesn’t help one bit. With enough to stress about on show day, why should your hair be one of them. This little gadget helps eliminate one item off the show stress list. Easy and quick to use, only takes minutes and no more hoards of bobby pins and gallons of hairspray to keep that perfect bun show ready. Great for longer hair.

Simply make your hair into a pony tail at the right height, thread the end through the bun shaper middle, tilt your head and brush the hair so it evenly covers the shaper. Place an elastic band over the shaper in one smooth motion, once elastic is in place simply gather the rest of the hair and twist around base of the shaper and secure with an elastic or bobby pin. Making a bun on show day has never been this simple.

This little gadget will keep your bun show ready all day long, no more fiddling to look presentable.

*The Shaper can also be covered with hair, if you have short hair and would like to have a bun on show day

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.