Epol – Stud Muesli 14%

R 341.00

The Epol Stud Muesli is a palatable, top quality, nutrient dense all-round mix for pregnant and lactating broodmares, growing foals and young stock, as well as working stallions.

Its scientific formulation ensures optimum nutritional support. High quality protein with key essential amino acids, aid in foetal bone, muscle and tissue development, while adequate digestible energy levels are provided for growth and sufficient milk production.

This feed contains a specifically designed vitamin and mineral profile to provide optimum micronutrient support for the mare and the developing skeletal structure of the foal.

Calcium, phosphorus and magnesium are provided to support lactation and gestation in mares, and build strong bones in the offspring, in combination with balanced copper, manganese and zinc levels. Vit E and selenium also assist in increasing passive transfer of antibodies to foals via the colostrum, and boost fertility in mares.



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