Epol – Cool Rider Cubes 12%

R 260.00

The Epol Cool Rider Cubes are an excellent all-round feed, for horses in light-medium work. This cube is suitable for horses that maintain their condition well and/or for those that become “hot”.

The Cool Rider Cubes have a reduced starch level and are grain free, which is ideal for those with a sensitivity to such ingredients and promotes “calm” behaviour in young inexperienced horses, and mature highly strung horses.

The use of quality protein boosts the amino acid profile and helps to develop and maintain muscle tone while our added fats provide adequate energy for work while assisting with skin and coat condition.

Epol Cool Rider cubes also contain Yea-Sacc 1026 ® for superior gut health, making it ideal for horses needing additional digestive support.

A full range of vitamins and minerals are included to ensure that this product covers the nutritional requirements of the class of horse for which this product is intended and therefore no further vitamins and minerals are needed if fed at recommended levels.



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