Capstone Show Time

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Capstone Show Time is a maize-free muesli style feed, relatively low in energy, for mature leisure horses.  It is a balanced maize-free complete feed, featuring premium quality micronized grains, scientifically formulated to fulfil the nutritional requirements of the mature leisure equine athlete.


  • Contains micronized Barley: A patented, relatively new processing technology that increases small intestinal digestibility of grains and reduces the risk of starch overload of the caecum or large intestine.
  • Live Yeast culture: Increases hindgut digestion of fibre.
  • Maize free
  • Medium fat: Fat promotes coat shine and provides horses with a cool, safe energy source.
  • High quality protein sources: Includes Soya and Lysine for a quality amino acid profile.
  • Fully fortified: Meets all the protein, vitamin and mineral requirements of the mature leisure equine athlete.
  • Added antioxidants: Vitamin E and Selenium can reduce muscle soreness, cell damage and other related disorders.
  • Added Chromium: To improve Glucose transfer and reduce lactic acid accumulation.
  • Added Electrolytes: To replace electrolyte losses in sweat during exercise and travel.
  • Muesli style feed: Highly palatable and ensures horses “clean up”.
  • Added Lucerne Chaff: Can be fed straight from the bag.
  • High levels of B Vitamins: To help build red blood cells and keeps horses “cleaning up” feed.
  • Contains Biotin: Aids in the growth of healthy hooves.

Size: 22.5kg

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