Capstone LifeTime Balancer

R 491.00

Capstone Life Time Balancer is a concentrated, very low energy, balancer pellet supplement featuring premium quality ingredients scientifically formulated to meet all the protein, vitamin and mineral requirements for each stage of a horse’s life.  It is suitable for all classes of horses.

Size: 30kg


  • 25% Protein: High protein to meet the requirements of growing and breeding horses.
  • High quality protein sources: Includes Soya Meal and Lysine for a quality amino acid profile.
  • Fully fortified: Meets all the protein, vitamin and mineral requirements of growing, breeding and performance horses to supplement home grain mix diets.
  • Good balance of major minerals: Magnesium, Calcium and Phosphorous in balance to build strong bones and support lactation in mares.
  • Live Yeast culture: Increases hindgut digestion of fibre.
  • Added Chromium: To improve Glucose transfer and reduce lactic acid accumulation.
  • Low calorie feed: Can be fed alone as a protein, mineral and vitamin supplement to horses that do not need energy.
  • Concentrated feeding rate: Allows flexibility to add grains and sugar as required, and tailor the diet to meet individual needs.
  • Pelleted formula: Cost effective processing that reduces wastage and sifting of powdered vitamins, minerals and amino acids.


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