Capstone Cool Time

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A balanced feed featuring premium quality micronized grains and scientifically formulated to fulfil the nutritional requirements of the equine athlete. It includes the following features & benefits: Micronized Cereal Grains: New processing technology that increases small intestinal digestibility of grains and reduces the risk of starch overload of the caecum. Oats free & High Barley feed for cool energy and tractable behaviour in horses. High in Fat: Cool energy source that reduces the risk of starch overload of the hindgut. Fat also promotes coat shine. High Quality Protein Sources: Includes soybean meal and lysine for quality amino acid profile. Lupins Include to provide a cool source of energy High in protein and digestible fibre but low in starch Added lucerne chaff Contains a live yeast culture which increases hindgut digestion of fibre High magnesium levels: calms nervous horses Added anti-oxidants: vitamin E and selenium can reduce muscle soreness, cell damage and other related disorders. Added chromium: to improve glucose transfer and reduce lactic acid accumulation. Added electrolytes: replaces electrolyte losses in sweat during work and travel. High levels of B vitamins: helps build red blood cells and keep horses ‘cleaning up’ feed. Reduces risk factors for tying up


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