Apple Mouth American Gag Straight

The revolutionary polyurethane mouthpiece in Apple Mouth bits is apple scented and easily accepted by any horse. The material will not peel or flake in the horse’s mouth.

The Apple Mouth bit is long wearing, non-allergenic and stimulates salivation. It is shaped to fit the tongue and bars of the mouth.

The mouthpiece cannot pinch or damage the corners of the mouth and is very effective on young horses. The Apple Mouth American Gag is well suited to both eventers and showjumpers.

The American gag action is more direct than that of a traditional gag, which makes it more severe. But in some ways it is kinder than a traditional gag too, in that the mouth pressure is reduced as soon as the rein pressure is reduced. It is ideally used with double reins but could be used with gag reins or even a single rein. A nylon curb strap can be added for maximum strength.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.