VoerDokter Diatoms Earth

R 125.00

Diatoms can be effective against internal parasites in that it acts as a buffer in the stomach creating a constantly neutral pH which results in an unsuitable environment for the feeding and reproduction of the parasites. Conversely, it creates an optimum environment for the animals’ digestive systems. The second aspect of internal parasite control takes place when the tiny particles come into contact with parasites and it damages them and kills them, without harming the internal organs of the host animal. It is also used for fly control; since some of it is not digested, it passes on through with the manure, where it inhibits the fly larvae after flies lay their eggs in the manure. One can also sprinkle diatoms on manure heaps and in messy areas of stable yards.

Size: 10kg bag

Note: we are only able to ship x2 bags per order.