Equus – Cool ‘n Perform 12%

R 331.00

Suitable for: Horses medium level training. Ideal for those who struggle with condition or excitability.

Style: Meal

Size: 40kg

One of the main objectives with the composition of Cool ‘n Perform 12 is the gradual and prolonged release of safe energy to fulfill the needs of horses requiring sustained energy levels for the duration of an event. The Cool ‘n Perform 12 contains the same high levels of omega-3 oils (30ml/kg of feed) and live yeast culture (2.5grams/kg of feed) as the Cool ‘n Perform 15 ration does.

Cool ‘n Perform 12 is high in quality fibres which ensure superlative digestive health.

The use of oils and super fibres also aids with the gradual release of safe energy.

This horse feed is high in anti-oxidants and is fortified with vitamins and minerals selected for high bio-availability.

Cool ‘n Perform 12 is free of raw maize and is also specifically recommended for horses prone to excitability due to its “calming” effect which is a differentiating feature of the ration.

Additional notes on Cool ‘n Perform 12 and 15

These two horse feeds are designed to be interchangeable. If extra condition is required and/or training intensity is stepped up considerably, simply change over to Cool ‘n Perform 15 for the required period. Once the desired condition and topline is achieved, or when the intensity of training is reduced, simply change back to Cool ‘n Perform 12 again.