Calseamag+ Mineral Lick

R 463.00

The ultimate in mineral blocks, imported from France! Your equine partner deserves more than just a simple mineral block.

  • Contains no GMO’s and no UREA
  • Vitamin E & Selenium – supports health, immunity & fertility
  • Boosts performance
  • Contains Fix’N – binds nitrogen to prevent ammonia toxicity – reduces ammonia smell in stables
  • Organic
  • Lasts one horse up to 8 months!
  • 15 kg compacted nearly indestructible lick block – horses cannot bite chunks off the block
  • Rainfall and harsh weather conditions don’t affect the block
  • Optimizes diet
  • Natural Calcium from Seaweed (higher availability to horses than other calcium sources)
  • Seaweed & algae supports digestion

Used and approved for Horses, Cattle and Goats.  15kg Block


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